Why Choose Gas Patio Heaters Over Electric?

If you are looking for outdoor patio heaters one of the most obvious choices you will need to make is with regards to how the patio heater is fuelled. While gas patio heaters might seem a bit more complicated to use there are often good reasons to pick this type of patio heater over electric. We’ve outlined some of these below to help you work out which is best for you.

Power Required For Outdoor Patio Heaters

The chief reason to use a gas patio heater to heat your outdoor space comes down to how much heat you need and how the power will be supplied to your heater. The bigger the space to heat, the more power output needed; and for electric patio heaters this becomes a problem.

A good quality electric patio heater will use between 2kW and 3kW of power. When attached to a wall and connected directly to a mains power supply, this will supply directional heat from the lamp for a distance of 2.5m or so, which is good for a small space with defined seating next to a building.

However, there are issues if the heater needs to be used any distance from a mains power supply. This requires attachment to a specially designed outdoor extension lead which can both withstand the power requirement and be weatherproof to ensure that the lead and the equipment are safe.

Gas patio heaters do not have this problem. Both of our mushroom style and pyramid style patio heater are designed to house a 13kg canister of LPG used as fuel, meaning that they can be positioned on any flat surface outside without any thought given to connections.

Furthermore, gas patio heaters are far more powerful than electric patio heaters are, which allow them to heat much more space. Both of our outdoor patio heaters offer in excess of 13kW of heat, radiated in all directions around the heater. While some heat will escape into the sky, the aluminium reflector is designed to keep as much as possible in the air around the heater, keeping you and your guests nice and toasty.

Aesthetics of Gas Patio Heaters

Is the look of a patio heater important to your space? While electric patio heaters are good functional pieces of equipment, they do not offer the same aesthetic appeal that a gas patio heater can.

Our pyramid outdoor patio heaters are designed with aesthetics in mind. While the shape and finish are modern and elegant, the glass tube in the middle showcases the flame which helps late evening and night-time ambience.

Likewise, our mushroom style outdoor patio heaters offer a simple but aesthetically pleasing heating solution for outdoor events. The attractive hammered bronze powdercoated finish offers a look which is both contemporary and weatherproof.