How to Care for Your Gas Patio Heater

While our gas patio heaters are intentionally designed to be easy to use, there are some things that you will need to bear in mind to ensure that they are safe to use throughout the lifespan of the product.

Keeping Your Gas Patio Heater Clean

Patio heaters are designed to be used frequently in both home and commercial situations, and as a consequence they can pick up marks which detract from how nice they look. However, they are also relatively easy to keep clean.

For our stainless steel pyramid gas patio heaters, water / rain marks can be removed with a cloth and some stainless steel cleaner. As these outdoor patio heaters are polished stainless steel you should not use a brush or a scourer on them as it will damage the polish.

Our mushroom style outdoor patio heaters are powder coated and thus will just need some soapy water and a cloth to clean, followed by a quick rinse.

These outdoor patio heaters are designed to be used outdoors for long periods of time, but in periods of extreme wind it’s worth taking the reflector off and storing them in a sheltered spot to prevent any damage.

How to use an Outdoor Patio Heater Safely

It’s important that before every usage of your outdoor gas patio heater, that you check it to ensure it’s safe to use. This isn’t hard and shouldn’t take long to do – but in doing so you can prevent problems from occurring. There are some simple steps you can follow.

First off, if you need to change the gas cylinder make sure all valves are turned off before disconnecting the cylinder from the patio heater. When attaching a new cylinder, you should use a 30mm spanner and be careful to tighten the nut up properly; too loose and you will get leaks, too tight and you risk damaging the joint.

Hoses and clips should be checked before every use for damage and replaced if necessary. Hoses should be rubber hoses marked BS 3212, and should not have any signs of wear, stiffness or cracking. Clips should be free of any wear and should be replaced if they don’t look in good condition.

It’s also worthwhile periodically familiarising yourself with the operating instructions to make sure you know how to light the patio heater safely.

If it’s the first time you’ve used the patio heater in a while, then you should take a look at the heater in general to make sure there are no signs of wear and tear and that all bolts remain tight.